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Hyper-Personalized Smart Templates

Amplemarket’s unique smart templates allow you to adapt your sales message and sequence to each prospect. What if you could automatically send a customized case study depending on the industry or location of the company, or adjust your selling points according to a prospect’s title? With Amplemarket you can!

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Powerful Email Extension

Amplemarket is by your side wherever you are, including your email inbox. Track all communication with prospects or accounts and easily add them to personalized sequences right from your email inbox. Amplemarket can save you time without ever losing context.

Email deliverability

Personalization that helps with Email deliverability

Amplemarket’s smart templates are optimized to generate variability in your sales communication instead of having batches of emails that look 95% the same. This variability is one of the biggest drivers of a healthy domain reputation and email deliverability score.

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