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Next generation
Multi-Channel Sequences

Amplemarket allows you to create truly multi-channel sequences. Start with visiting a lead’s LinkedIn profile, and follow up with a personalized connection request or email. Interact with your prospects naturally across multiple channels and dramatically increase the chances of establishing a connection. We don’t just tell reps to do a task, we help them do it!


Work directly from LinkedIn

Amplemarket lives where reps are and allows you to save time and start reaching out to prospects directly from LinkedIn. No more time spent moving CSVs around or having to go through 3 different pieces of software to start talking to prospects that you found on LinkedIn.


Tracking Performance like a pro

Open and reply rates are great metrics to track, but they might now always be enough. What if prospects are replying to say that you’re knocking on the wrong door and you need to change your target title? Amplemarket uses machine learning to categorize all your interactions with prospects so that you can truly measure your sales efforts.

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Perfect for Inbound Sales

Whether someone signs up for a webinar or books a demo on your website, amplemarket makes it easy for you to setup flows to immediately reach out to inbound leads. Never miss a hot prospect again!


CRM sync

Amplemarket allows you to keep track of all your sales motions and activities in real time via our CRM integrations or API. No more missing data or manual data entry on your CRM!

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