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AI copilot that turns reps into super reps

Smart actions streamline sales workflows so you can focus on selling. No more forgotten tasks or prospects left behind. Amplemarket makes sure reps always circle back when someone is out of the office, add people to do-not-contact lists when requested and never miss error-prone tasks. Amplemarket’s Smart Actions will give reps superpowers!

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When a prospect is interested
Amplemarket Smart Action calendar icon
Respond back with the link to the calendar
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Alert me on Slack
Amplemarket AI driven Reports and Insights

AI driven Reports and Insights

Amplemarket will give you unprecedented visibility into how your sales efforts are performing and how you can improve. Your team deserves more than just open and reply rates, amplemarket will give you true revenue intelligence.

No more deliverability or spam problems

Amplemarket will make sure your sender reputation is healthy and your sales communication lands on your prospects’ inboxes by using AI to positively interact (open, click and reply) with your sales emails on a daily basis.

Amplemarket AI driven Reports and Insights

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