Save Time with Smart Actions

Amplemarket's AI understands business emails and extracts information from them that can be used to automate your sales flows and save time. Sign me up now

Easily create sales automation flows with a few clicks

Our Smart Actions editor allows you to create flows that will replace a lot of tedious and repetitive sales tasks.

Sending call instructions when a prospect is interested
Finding who to talk to when someone is not the right person to talk to
Reaching out to the new contact when someone is not the right person
Forwarding an email to a certain person within the company
Circling back at the right time when a prospects asks to circle back later
Asking for the reasons why someone is not interested
Sending a message to Slack when someone wants a call
Update the CRM depending on the lead interest
Adding a lead to an exclusion list when asked to stop being contacted

Say goodbye to repetitive sales tasks and automate your workflows

Don't waste another minute, Amplemarket will handle a lot of your sales workflows and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Amplemarket helps you sell more and smarter

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